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We enforce both consumer and commercial judgments. Unfortunately, 80% of judgments are never collected because judgment recovery is highly specialized. If you already have a court issued Judgment that hasn’t been collected, we know how to enforce that Judgment and get your money. We use all the legal remedies the law allows to enforce the judgment. We move fast, efficiently and aggressively.

Judgments are valuable assets because as a form of “notes” they collect statutory interest which increases their value. However it is imperative that judgments are recovered as quickly as possible. In the State of Arizona judgments “expire” in 5 years unless they are “renewed” for another 5 years.

If the judgment debtor moves out of the State and enforcement requires that the judgment is “domesticated” in the state of residency prior to attaching the debtor’s assets, we in most cases obtain a judgment in the applicable state of residency.

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