Consumer Judgements

Our debt collection agency located in Glendale, Arizona collect consumer judgments all over the state. A consumer judgment are when a judge awards a creditor or a debt collector a consumer judgment against an individual.

If the judgment debtors, the person in which an unsatisfied court decision is awarded, is not cooperating with the debt collection agency here is how we will enforce the judgment:

  • Locate the judgment debtor
  • Levy execution on the debtor’s wages
  • Levy execution on the debtor’s checking or other account (bank levy)
  • Record an Abstract of Judgment

Harris & MacNeil specialize is collecting consumer judgments. Do not wait to collect your consonsumer judgment as you will just be giving time to the debtor to hide assets from you! We do whatever is necessary to enforce the judgment that you were awarded in court. We are compensated only if we are successful, and there is absolutely no cost to you!!!


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