What We Need To Get Started

After you have retained us to be enforce your Arizona judgment, we will need certain information and documents to get started.

Initially, we will need a copy of your unsatisfied judgment enabling us to prepare the proper paperwork to file with the Court. We will require that you execute two documents:

  1. an assignment of the judgment enabling us to move forward against the debtor for enforcement
  2. a contract between our Arionza debt collections firm and yourself, outlining our commitment to you and our fee agreement.

Additionally, we will want copies of all related court paperwork, as well as a brief statement of why the judgment was awarded. This can be a simple handwritten note or paragraph that describes the facts and explains the debt.

We also like to receive any information available about the Arizona debtor which can help to uncover their assets. Also any applications they may have provided, especially for rentals is helpful. For business debt, we like to know details about the principals, where they live, and what the nature of the business is.

Any past information is helpful. The information you provide and our investigation form the backbone of our enforcement plan, and any assistance you can provide increases the speed and efficiency of handling your case.

Updates for your case can be provided via email.

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