Is there a guarantee you will be successful? 

No. Unfortunately many times there are no assets to attach at the time the judgment is assigned to us for enforcement. However, in many cases this is only a temporary situation. Eventually in many cases the debtor(s) secure employment, bank accounts, property, etc., which we uncover by monitoring them on a continual basis. At that […]

Using a Debt Collectors over an Attorney 

Harris-MacNeil are the debt collectors of Arizona. They have the background, licenses, and knowledge to collect an unsatisfied judgment. Hiring them over an attorney does have its benefits. First of all, we know that you have already spent money and time on getting the judgment, we don’t want to see you spend any more money […]

Can I recover Interest on my Arizona Judgment? 

In most cases, yes. Most judgments include a statutory provision for the payment of interest from the date the judgment was awarded. The actual interest rate varies from state to state. With interest, your judgment could be worth significantly more than the day it was awarded.

How To Collect Debt from Someone Out of State 

Sometimes you can’t always have the debtor be in Arizona. If you are coming to us to collect debt from someone in New Mexico. We can still help! If it becomes necessary to “domesticate” the judgment in the debtor’s state of residence in order to attach their assets, we are prepared to do so. Domesticating a judgment […]

How Long Until I See Results for A Judgment? 

This depends in large part on how difficult is it in locating the judgment debtor and uncovering their assets. Some debtors appear to “live” without any means of support and are adept at hiding their assets. It is our experience that eventually they cannot hide forever, at which point we are ready to attach. In […]

Do Arizona Judgments Expire? 

Most times people get judgments and forget about them, well don’t! Most states, including Arizona, provide a means to “renew” the judgment, and the time limit varies from state to state. In Arizona it is 5 years from the date the judgment was entered, and then the judgment can be renewed for another 5 years. […]

How a Lien Affects your Arizona Property 

One of the ways that Harris & MacNeil collects unsatisfied judgments is implementing a property lien on the debtors property. A property lien is a public notice attached to your property letting anyone who wants to know that you owe a creditor, Harris & MacNeil, money. Liens are very common ways for debt collectors in […]

How Does the Debt Collection Process Work 

What are the steps taken? After Harris-MacNeil have received a copy of your judgment and the attached application, (you can send to us via fax, mail or email) we will send you an agreement detailing the specifics of the contract and an Assignment of Judgment making us the assignee of record. This enables us to […]

An Employer Refuses to Withhold Wages? 

When a judgment enforcement agency reaches out to garnish an individuals wages in Arizona, it is a court order to the employer with summons to withhold wages. If the employer refuses to do so, it is the employer that is held responsible and the court may enter judgment against them! An employer has to file […]

A Judgment Today is Worth More Than When You Started 

If you have been holding onto a consumer or commercial judgment for some time now then chances are that judgment’s value has increased! If judgments have not been collected and are renewed properly then that judgment five years ago is worth more today. The expiration of judgments varies across different states, here is Arizona a judgment […]

What is Wage Garnishment? 

Wage garnishment is when the court issues an order requesting an employer to withhold a certain amount of an employees paycheck and sends that amount DIRECTLY to the individual or institute to whom that person owes money. The debt collectors at Harris and MacNeil aggressively pursue judgments in the state of Arizona to get what […]

Debt Collection vs. Judgment Collection in Arizona 

We are very successful collectors of all types of debt from consumer to corporate, but keep in mind that collection against a debtor without a judgment can only be obtained with the willing participation of the debtor.  Judgments however, can attach to the assets of the debtor (wages, bank accounts, etc.) without any participation or […]

Your judgment will expire if you do not renew it 

In almost all states judgments expire unless renewed.  Although the states have varying renewal timeframes, in  Arizona it is five years.  So when your judgment is close to the five year period, don’t forget to renew it, or it will be purged forever!!!

Current Clients Take Note 

For the the clients of ours that have moved, gotten married, or have a new cell phone number be sure to include us on the list of people to tell! Please be sure to keep us updated with your current contact information.  We currently have several thousand dollars in un-deliverable checks sitting in our trust […]

Another Satisfied Client 

This client was out of Sun City, Arizona and was very happy with the judgment enforcement provided by Harris & MacNeil. Dear Mesdames Harris and MacNeil: Your final accounting and disbursement of proceeds of judgment of October 1. 2010, in CV 03-06240 FD, dated 8/18/2003. has been received. Never in the 50+ years I have […]